v.  This song's not hard to follow

      It flows like any stream
      Washing over pebbles
      Going nowhere so it seems
      Sometimes a quiet babble
      Sometimes a raging scream
      Running through the wilderness
      Even through my dreams

v.  Some people marched for justice
     While others marched to war
     Unionists were dying
     Capitalists were making more
     With the old brick church a-burning
     From the echo of a bomb
     Mothers rocked there babes to sleep
     Singing "we shall overcome"

v.  Rust away the iron bars
     Let bastions tumble down
     So prisoners of conscience
     Can walk the sacred found
     Under the battle flag of freedom
     And the homeland of the brave
     No one lives in darkness
     No one's forgotten in the grave

c.   Here's to Clear Water on the Hudson
      Full sail upon the mast
      A beacon of revival
      Appearing from the past
      Here's to the chorus of the maritime
      Fair winds upon their backs
      Singing 'round the cabin fire
      Beside Mr. Seeger's ax

(c) DWDrouillard and Red Jacket Music 2013