YANKEE      click to play - "Green Eyes Crying in the Rain © 1977 DWDrouillard

                                                                                                                                                                  Promotional photo circa 1977

Green Eyes Crying in the Rain

In the morning when I'm wakin' on the road
     and I'm feeling hungry and cold
Empty arms that are achin' in my bed
     and I hear you call, but I cry instead

Bitter coffee as I start out on the day
     gettin' sick of singin' for pay
What's the use when the happiness is gone
     are you waitin' true, can you hear this song

Shot of whiskey as I head out for the hall
    wish I had a bottle for you all
One more number as my senses start to go
     And I hear your voice from the long ago

Oh, I love you and I can't believe the strain
     for the distance that's between us is insane
Oh, I love you and I can't believe the pain
     that's behind those green eyes cryin' in the rain

                                                           © 1977 DWDrouillard

Yankee Song List 

I've Got Linda On My Mind        
© 1977 B. Brink   
Change In The Weather        
© 1977 DWDrouillard
Do Not Contain Yourself        
© 1977 DWDrouillard
Good, Good Lovin'                     © 1977 DWDrouillard
I'll Make It Up To you               
© 1977 K. Schwichtenberg


“It will be interesting to see how they deal with their growing pains; they've got as much talent as any band....”

Leapin, The New Haven Advocate

“The Homegrown Album, The People's Choice Awards, like a true Yankee band should!”

Dan Dubentsky, The New Haven Register

“Drouillard has already left his mark, he wrote Green Eyes Cryin' In The Rain, Yankee's most commercially marketable song.”

Dan Dubentsky, The New Haven Register

"Together they put together a program of original music which demonstrated a high degree of musicianship and appeal."

Liz Natale, Quinnipiac University


                                                                                                          YANKEE used the Gadsden flag as a backdrop in concert

***    editor's note: This is a reference to a line in the Greatful Dead song "Uncle John's Band".  Any other inference would be a complete

misrepresentation of all Yankee bandmates, here or departed, as well as of their fans.  Peace out.